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The green development standard of glass materials is formulated

UL environmental certification (ule). Underwriter laboratories in the United States is committed to formulating corresponding standards for the sustainable development of various new materials, including glass building materials, glass materials, doors and windows and related accessories and hardware. This scale will establish environmental requirements for construction products, which is based on the impact of related products on human life and health

the establishment of sustainable development scale is based on the difference between the environmental protection function of products in the current market. This measure and reward will encourage manufacturers to develop and produce more environmentally friendly products

"Chr indenter type isnelson, President of Underwriters Laboratories in the United States, said in an interview with usgnn. Com? (a large number of studies by the United States in the past, China's famous glass magazine)," this standard can also ensure that businesses and customers can buy green products, so that they can really get their own benefits from environmental friendly green products. If there are loose parts, they can be dried in the air or dried with soft air tubes with clean and dry air. As green consumption becomes more and more common, the scale that our class is formulating will undoubtedly ensure a better trust relationship between customers and manufacturers and make green consumption more convenient. "

Nelson explained that they only did preliminary research in the field of innovation and product development at the beginning. There are many building evaluation criteria in this field, and UL has many experts in this field.

" we also do research in the product field, which is an important field with a wide gap in the implementation of today's standards. We believe that a more standardized product standard is absolutely necessary in the market. " Nelson said

ul's environmental standards technical group is composed of manufacturers, government agencies, consumer interest groups, product installation and use staff, distributors and testing institutions, and plays an active role in the field of formulating standards. Its goal is that the scale developed by the group can be recommended and quoted by the Green Building Council of the United States, the National Association of home builders, the Environmental Assessment Act of the British Institute of architecture, and the building rating system of the United Kingdom

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