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Formula of high-strength adhesive made of polystyrene (1)

raw materials (by weight): 14 parts of clean waste polystyrene, 33 parts of rosin, 53 parts of xylene

preparation party grading authority use management method:

1. Wash and dry polystyrene, crush it into fragments with a diameter of about 2cm, add it to xylene solution, stir it to dissolve it

2. Heat and dissolve the rosin, and lower the temperature to 60-70 ℃ for standby

3. Add the mixed solution of polystyrene and xylene into the spare rosin solution and stir evenly to obtain the finished adhesive

formula (2)

raw materials (by weight): 30 parts of clean waste polystyrene, 43 parts of xylene, 25 parts of dibutyl phthalate, 1 part of essence

preparation method: the same as the above method, the prepared polystyrene and xylene mixed solution is added (1) turn off the oil pump, put it into dibutyl phthalate, add essence, and stir evenly. The industrial safety problems of the invention basically lie in the simple connection technology, no pollution, the production cost is much lower than the existing adhesives, and the use of waste products to reduce environmental pollution

source: dare to challenge the fine chemical industry in the 21st century

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