Formulation of the hottest screen printing UV refr

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Silk screen UV refractive ink formula

I. production technology formula

raw material name ratio (%) raw material purchase address

epoxy acrylic acid 70 is attracting investment

benzophenone 5 is attracting investment

360 initiator 4027 -

1173 2 is attracting investment

wax powder 3 is attracting investment

npgda 15 is attracting investment

201 methyl silicone oil 1

check whether there is glue II Production process

1. Weigh npgda, wax powder and benzophenone into the dispersion kettle according to the requirements of the formula, and stir evenly

2. Weigh the resin as required by the formula and put it into the dispersion kettle. Fully dissolve the materials in the dispersion kettle, and then put 1173 and 360 into it. Mix evenly to filter the discharge

III. precautions in the production process

1. Before starting the operation, check whether the production equipment is clean and whether it can operate normally

2. The production workshop must be away from the fire source, cool and ventilated

3. Weigh the amount of raw materials strictly according to the requirements of the formula

4. Strictly follow the feeding sequence

5. After all kinds of raw materials enter the factory, small batch test production should be carried out first to ensure the quality of industrial products

6. Strong light must be avoided in the production process, and the packaging should be in a lightproof container and avoid direct contact with iron

IV. printing requirements

silk requirements when using 420 mesh plate

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