Tianjin will eliminate 760000 tons of backward pap

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After all, the testing of each kind of experimental machine is different. Tianjin will eliminate 76000 tons of backward papermaking capacity by the end of October.

in recent years, Tianjin has worked with one heart and one mind, coordinated and coordinated, vigorously carried out the action of eliminating backward capacity, and firmly and orderly promoted the elimination of backward capacity by industrial enterprises in the city. In, a total of 5176 sets of backward production capacity equipment from 153 enterprises were eliminated, with a total energy saving (converted into standard coal) of 704000 tons of standard coal, a reduction of COD (chemical oxygen demand) of 1.71 million tons, and SO2 (sulfur dioxide) of 210000 tons. The national and provincial targets and tasks for eliminating backward production capacity were successfully completed, and the scope of elimination was vigorously expanded in combination with the industrial characteristics of Tianjin. In three years, the main backward production capacity was eliminated: 1.13 million tons of iron making, 720000 tons of steel making, 9000 tons of zinc smelting, 17.838 million tons of cement, 1.3 million standard sheets of leather making, 145300 tons of paper making, 1.88 million square meters of ceramic tiles, 57.5 million meters of printing and dyeing, 54.3 million meters of cloth, 120000 spindles of yarn, 174000 tons of chemical industry, 135million rounds of civil explosion, 200000 kV ampere hours of lead-acid batteries, 14.9 kW of electricity, etc. A total of more than 83 million yuan was awarded for the national elimination of the current production capacity after 2080 taxes, which effectively promoted the orderly promotion of the elimination of backward production capacity in Tianjin and the placement of workers after the elimination of backward production capacity

the national plan for eliminating backward production capacity issued by the provincial elimination office to Tianjin in 2013 involved 16 enterprises in five industries: calcium carbide, cement, paper making, tanning, and lead-acid batteries. A total of 10000 tons of calcium carbide, 1.32 million tons of cement, 76000 tons of paper making, 2.21 million standard sheets of leather making, and lead-acid batteries were eliminated. Assembly of 400000 kV ampere hours and 300000 kV ampere hours of plates were completed by the end of October 2013, Up to now, 57% of all tasks have been completed

in order to reach the target of rough dumping, the person in charge of Tianjin industry and Information Technology Bureau said that on the basis of completing the national and provincial elimination tasks, the Bureau will also combine the industrial characteristics of Tianjin county and compare with the national industrial policy documents such as the Guiding Catalogue for the elimination of backward production process equipment and products in some industrial industries (2010 version) (Gongye [20101 general] Announcement No. 122), which is a serious waste of energy resources The five small enterprises that seriously pollute the environment should expand their backward processes and equipment, strive to expand the scope of elimination of backward production capacity, and actively make greater contributions to the improvement of the city's atmospheric environment

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