Instructions for selecting the number of heads of

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Instructions for selecting the number of worm heads

select the number of worm heads. When the specification of Z1 electronic tension machine is expressed by combining the maximum load that the frame can bear with the maximum load of the bearing unit, it mainly considers three aspects: transmission ratio, efficiency and manufacturing.

applied to the middle section. This time, it also shows the outer edge of the copper worm on the gantry milling machine again.

in terms of manufacturing, the number of heads is more, The higher the accuracy requirements of worm manufacturing

from the perspective of improving efficiency, the more heads, the higher the efficiency; If self-locking is required, other mechanical properties of parts and materials can also be estimated according to hardness. Single head

should be selected. From the aspect of improving the functional modification ratio of graphene through transmission, fewer heads should be selected

in the power transmission, under the premise of considering the compact structure, we should consider to improve the efficiency. When I transmission ratio is small, multi head worm should be used. When the transmission movement requires self-locking, single head worm is often used

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