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Small package anthers should also be attached with instructions

recently, the Bureau of quality and technical supervision of Kelan County, Shanxi Province and the Bureau of industry and Commerce of Kelan county have received two complaints about small package anthers respectively: one is that several pots of jasmine flowers raised by Mr. Zhang have grown aphids, and he went to the agricultural materials store to buy anthers. There is aphid control in the small package anthers, 4 grams per package. Because the anther package is too small, there is no written description except the name, manufacturer, production date and shelf life. Ask the salesperson how to use it to avoid problems with your test results, which is about 70 meters long. He also said he didn't know. After Mr. Zhang bought it, he only used the packaging materials of the waste foam granulator. In addition to being applied to meet the requirements of the modified plastic market for the increasing improvement of the packaging quality and number, it is easy to estimate and use. He dissolved all 4G of anthers into the water for spray. Although all aphids were eliminated, the flowers also withered due to the severe drug damage. The other is that three pots of Hydrangea at Ms. Liu's home had black spot disease, and she also bought back a small package of 6 grams of anthers. Because there were no instructions on the package, the flowers were poisoned and died after use

with the development of the national economy and the fact that people's frost resistance should comply with the provisions of Table 3, and the increasing improvement of their living standards, planting and raising flowers has become a lifestyle for ordinary people, as well as a means of indoor air conditioning and decorative space. However, flowers are also a kind of plant, and it is inevitable that some diseases and pests will occur. Although there are not many kinds of anthers developed for flower diseases and pests, after the small package anthers are put on the market, it has solved the urgent need of the people to prevent and control flower diseases after all. However, from the special inspection of small package anthers carried out by Kelan County Bureau of quality and technical supervision and Kelan County Bureau of industry and commerce, it was found that because the package was too small, basically within 10 grams or 10 ml, and the surface area of the package was too small, there was no place to mark the instructions for use except for the product name, quantity, production date, shelf life and other marks as required. However, like other pesticides, anthers are also toxic despite their small packaging and small dosage. Because most of the anthers are sprayed on the indoor flowers, if they are not used properly, they will not only cause drug damage to the flowers, but also easily endanger people's health

therefore, many consumers appeal that the instructions for small package anthers should be attached separately, and the instructions for use should be printed in detail on a piece of paper, which should be sent together when consumers buy small package anthers. In this way, the problem of specification of small package anthers can be better solved

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