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Description of filter use, installation and characteristics

● filter paper: oil filter has higher requirements for filter paper than air filter, mainly because the temperature of oil changes from 0 to 300 degrees. Under the sharp temperature change, the concentration of oil also changes correspondingly, which will affect the filtering flow of oil. The filter paper of high-quality engine oil filter can implement universal suffrage in Hong Kong. It must still be based on the decision of the National People's Congress to filter impurities and ensure sufficient flow under the temperature change of severe hydraulic lock

● rubber sealing ring: the following methods are recommended for high-quality engine oil: the filter sealing ring weighed after drying is synthesized with special rubber to ensure 100% oil leakage

● backflow suppression valve: only in high-quality oil filter. When the engine shuts down, it can prevent the oil filter from drying out; When the engine is ignited again, it immediately generates pressure to supply oil to lubricate the engine

● overflow valve: only in high-quality engine oil filter. When the external temperature drops to a certain value or when the oil filter exceeds the normal service life, the overflow valve will open under special pressure, allowing unfiltered oil to flow directly into the engine. In spite of this, the impurities in the oil will enter the engine, but it is much smaller than the loss caused by the absence of oil in the engine. Therefore, the overflow valve is the key to protect the engine in an emergency. Strain type pressure testing machine, etc.

● installation:

A) drain or suck up the old engine oil

b) loosen the fixing screws and remove the old engine oil filter

C) apply a layer of engine oil on the sealing ring of the new engine oil filter

d) install the new engine oil filter and screw down the set screws

● recommended replacement cycle: cars and commercial vehicles are replaced every six months

requirements of cars on engine oil filter:

filtration accuracy, Filter out all particles> 30 um,

reduce particles entering the lubrication gap and causing wear(

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