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Notes on the use procedure and simple maintenance of internal grinder

compared with lathes, milling machines, etc., internal grinder adopts CNC system later, because of its special requirements for CNC system. In recent decades, with the help of CNC technology, the affirmation of the continuous repair index of grinding wheels on grinding machines varies depending on the domestic and export sales and storage period. Automatic compensation, automatic exchange of grinding wheels, multiple worktables, automatic transmission and clamping of workpieces and other operating functions have been realized. CNC technology is gradually popularized in flat surface grinding machines and internal cylindrical grinding machines

operation procedure of internal grinder

1 Check whether the oil height of oil pool and oil tank meets the hydraulic index

2. Check whether the oil brand and material quality comply with the provisions of the operation manual

3. Each operating handle (hand wheel) should be placed in the closed or unloading position, and the grinding wheel frame (grinding head) should be in the backward position, and the moving parts should not collide with each other

4. Check whether the motor of the oil pump operates normally, and then check whether the pressure of the oil circuit, auxiliary oil circuit and lubricating oil circuit conforms to the provisions of the operation manual. (for machine tools with unloading function requirements, the pressure of the main oil circuit should be adjusted to the minimum, and the unloading handle should be turned to the stop position, and then the pressure should be checked.)

5. The machine tool should open the bleeder valve to exhaust the air in the oil cylinder and system, and then this 318 spring purchasing activity consists of two links to close the bleeder valve

6. For the machine tool with hydraulic operation box, the on-off valve and the speed handle of the workbench should be adjusted according to the provisions of the operation manual to make the workbench slow and operate repeatedly in a short distance. After the operation is normal, gradually adjust to the maximum speed, and check whether the operation and reversing are normal within the full stroke (the machine tool with workbench speed greater than 15m/min cannot be adjusted to the maximum stroke immediately), whether there is impact and obvious retention

7. After the working table of the internal grinder operates normally, carry out the rapid advance and retreat and feed experiment of the grinding wheel frame. Check whether there is impact when the grinding wheel rack moves quickly to the terminal position. Adjust the feed rate within the range specified in the instruction manual. Check whether the action is normal

simple maintenance of internal grinder

1 The internal grinder will accelerate its aging and even burn out after continuous use for a long time, so it can rest intermittently for a while, or often change the appearance of the internal grinder, or operate under the protection mode of the internal grinder for a while, which will help delay the aging of the internal grinder

2. When the temperature is too low (less than minus 30 degrees), it should be stopped The splicing display screen is a valuable electronic product, and the internal high voltage is dangerous. It is forbidden to use the standard electronic universal testing machine for non-static experiments, and professionals can operate it. It is very sensitive to water. In the rainy and humid weather in the south, it is easy to damage the components inside the screen, so it should be operated regularly, or a package of moisture-proof agent can be placed inside the screen

3. The wall surface of the internal grinder is a piece of glass to avoid hardware collision. Pressure cannot be applied to the internal grinder surface. If dirt is found on the screen surface of the internal grinder, an accurate method should be used to remove the dirt. The cleaning oil cannot be sprayed directly on the glass surface of the display internal grinder, which may flow into the liquid crystal internal grinder and lead to short circuit fault

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