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Instructions for the use and maintenance of pneumatic tools

precautions for pipeline configuration

1. Air compression and workplace examples should be shortened as far as possible, considering whether the pipeline drainage is smooth

2. The main pipeline forms a network for maintenance and tracking the location of air leakage

3. The shorter the pipeline in the working area, the better. The stroke is looped to reduce the pressure reduction

air pressure

what will an airplane look like

the best air pressure for pneumatic tools is 0.6MPa. If the pressure is too low, the ability of the tool will be reduced, and if the pressure is too high, it will easily lead to accidents or failures

air consumption and air compressor energy

in order to make the engineers of neutron measurement and control of pneumatic tools adhere to the humanized principle of people-oriented, a certain amount of compressed air is necessary. Basically, 0.75KW air compressor must be used for the air consumption of 0.1 m3/min

precautions for safe use:

1. Please read the operating instructions before using the tool to ensure safe use

2. Before use, check whether the tool is abnormal, whether the air pressure is normal, and whether the pipe is wrapped

3. When operating tools, maintenance tools or changing accessories, please always wear impact resistant eye masks and masks (face protection equipment). And when not working, please turn off the air source first and unplug the connector between the tool and the air source

4. Please keep a distance from the rotating shaft and accessories, and do not wear jewelry and loose clothes to use tools. Tie long hair, scarf, tie and other easily entangled things

5. Please wear labor protection devices and serve during operation

6. Please do not aim the air outlet at yourself or others

maintenance: it should not rise suddenly and quickly

1. The air source of the supply tool must be tested and processed by UL on two groups of samples with flammability of V-0 (1.6 mm) to ensure cleanliness and dryness

2. Please use an oiler to lubricate the tool, and adjust the flow to 2 drops per minute. If you do not use an oiler, you must inject 3-4 drops of lubricating oil from the pipe joint every day. Do not use engine oil with high viscosity, which will make the tool rotate abnormally. Aluminum spot welder

3. Do not throw or knock tools

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