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instructions for handling trademark agency business

I. any limited company or partnership registered with the Administration for Industry and Commerce of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government that specializes in intellectual property agency business can handle agency business for the trademark office

II. The list of trademark agencies is uniformly reported by the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, and our bureau will summarize the information reported by the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce and publish it on the "Chinese Trademark"

III. If there is any change in the information of the trademark agent about the water pressure testing organization, it should be 5. The paint testing should go through the change procedures in our bureau in time

IV. if the agency deals with trademark business, it should first remit the prepaid fees to our account number:, Bank of deposit: China Merchants Building Branch of CITIC Industrial Bank, payee: Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the people's Republic of China. The amount of advance payment is unlimited. After receiving the letter of agency, our bureau will deduct the required expenses from the advance payment. If the advance payment is less than the required fee, our bureau will directly reject the insufficient part of the application, and the consequences will be borne by the agency

v. the document format for handling trademark registration applications and other trademark matters should be implemented in accordance with the "notice on publishing the force measurement method of applying for trademark registration and handling other trademark matters document format: load sensor force measurement" (Gong Shang Biao Zi [2002] No. 234) issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on September 19, 2002. The notice was also published in the 43rd trademark notice in 2002. If you need to purchase this issue of trademark announcement, please contact room 704 of the Trademark Office at - 3704

VI. China has implemented the eighth edition of the international classification of goods and services for trademark registration, also known as the nice classification, since January 1, 2002. For purchase, please contact room 704 of the trademark office.: - 3704。

VII. Business consultation of the Trademark Office:

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