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Instructions for superconducting carbon ink

conductive carbon ink

yh-cci-601aa (superconducting type)

overview: yh-cci-601aa (superconducting type) is one of the honorary products in our company's conductive carbon ink series. Selected environmental friendly materials are adopted, which have excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance, solvent resistance and solder resistance to all kinds of circuit boards (PCBs), and have better characteristics than other brands in terms of printability and conductivity

advantages: excellent conductivity, square resistance less than 10/□ (25.4m thick, 150C constant temperature for 30 minutes), wide baking temperature range, some users use 130c constant temperature for 60 minutes to prevent sheet deformation and warpage during baking, which is widely used in circuit boards (PCBs) with special requirements for resistance

packaging: 1kg/bottle

printing: ordinary silk printing technology is adopted, which is suitable for automatic, semi-automatic and full-automatic silk screen printing machines, and it is best to use precision silk screen printing machines for printing

printing surface treatment: before printing, the oil, oxide and other pollutants on the printing surface must be removed, and there should be no residual acid, residual alkali and other oil stains, so as not to affect the adhesion performance. When printing the copper foil surface, pay more attention to cleaning the layout, and grind the plate if necessary

plate: monofilament polyester wire of T (mesh) or stainless steel wire of T (mesh) is used, and 51t-61t wire is usually used

photosensitive adhesive or water can be used - 8.5 in addition to the above requirements, the film of food contact materials and finished products should ensure that the ink thickness is uniform as much as possible. It is best to use No. 35 or no. 50 water film

scraper: Polyurethane scraper with shore degree, usually 70 degrees

viscosity adjustment: the viscosity of the original package of this product has been adjusted, and it can be used directly without adjustment. If users feel that the viscosity is high, they can use the special diluent yh-6 or yh-cci-601aa 30p thin carbon oil provided by our company to dilute, otherwise the product quality cannot be guaranteed

printing machine: manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic screen printing machine

cleaning: butanone (MEK), cyclohexanone, 783, anti white water, etc. can be used

storage: it can be stored in a dry, ventilated and cool place (20c), Preferably low temperature ([10c) Freezer refrigeration will keep the performance of products stable for a long time

the sealed original can be stored for 6 months


carbon nanotubes are an ideal one-dimensional model material

nickel plated gold plate should be applied with dumb nickel and dumb gold. If the surface is too smooth, it will affect the adhesion of carbon film and do not hang tin, it should be roughened with an appropriate brush roller

before use, the ink should be fully stirred, but the speed should not be too fast, so as not to produce bubbles and affect the printing effect - may 2013

conductive carbon ink shall not be mixed with other brands of ink when used. The oil shovel, wire, scraper and oil mixer must be cleaned before use, otherwise the product performance cannot be guaranteed

the carbon film should be green, fast and slow, and the insulation oil should be primed

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