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Hang fork family adds another new energy forklift to help the new manufacturing industry

hang fork family adds another new energy forklift to help the new manufacturing industry

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a green "clothes", a take-off and landing device, and the slim new lithium battery forklift has attracted people's attention. On October 29, the third global dealer conference of Hangcha group was grandly held in Qingshan factory, and the world's leading XC series lithium battery electric forklift was officially unveiled for the first time

according to the plan, with the release of new products, Qingshanhu science and Technology City, located at the westernmost end of the science and innovation corridor in the west of the city, also welcomed more than 150 dealer representatives of Hangcha group in 120 countries and regions around the world

"wisdom + new energy"

2. From the test of plastic tensile testing machine, it leads the development of industry technology

XC series new energy forklift, X series internal combustion forklift, storage truck, large tonnage forklift, AGV driverless forklift and automatic logistics system, aerial work equipment... In the "Hangcha" exhibition hall, a total of more than 200 products and parts were displayed, all of which are the latest full series of new industrial vehicles developed by Hangcha group

"the last time we held the global dealer conference was seven years ago. Now, the products we developed and produced are becoming more and more intelligent and environmental friendly, and can fully represent made in China to the world. We hope to show the development strength of Hangcha to global dealers through this conference." Renhaihua, deputy chief economist of Hangcha group, said

among the new products on display this time are xf2 series internal combustion counterweight forklift and XF series electric counterweight forklift, which show the development and design ability and process manufacturing level of high-end models and represent the high-end equipment of world-class brands; There is a forklift with lithium iron phosphate battery that only takes 2 hours to charge and has a endurance of 8 hours. These forklifts are equipped with hangqiyun intelligent vehicle management system, which has the functions of vehicle remote positioning, maintenance reminder and so on

the XC series new energy forklift released this time breaks through the concept of traditional battery forklift, integrates the advantages of internal combustion forklift and electric forklift, has a low center of gravity, compact structure, comfortable driving, green and environmental protection, can also be operated flexibly in a narrow space, and its main performance indicators have reached the international advanced level

"new energy and intelligent industrial vehicles are our key development direction." Ren Haihua said that in recent years, the logistics industry has accelerated its transformation to intelligence, and the demand for logistics thermostatic chamber automation equipment is also increasing. Hangcha group seized this opportunity, invested billions of yuan in technology and product research and development in recent years, and successfully developed more than 30 driverless vehicles and intelligent logistics management systems

up to now, Hangcha group has undertaken more than 100 intelligent logistics projects, which have been widely used in automotive, photovoltaic, 3C electronics, rubber, logistics, medicine and other industries, and has established a "5g innovation laboratory" to study the application of 5g technology in driverless vehicles and lead the development of the industry

expand the international circle of friends

boost the development of new manufacturing industry

"we have been cooperating for 10 years, and the forklifts we have purchased have ranged from the earliest diesel engine forklifts to the current electric forklifts, intelligent forklifts, etc." At the global dealer conference, orjanadalen, a dealer from Norway, told that Hangcha group has developed more and more intelligent and green forklifts, and their purchase volume has doubled every year in the past four years. Now, more and more European and American countries are cooperating with Hangcha

at present, the total annual sales volume of Hangcha group accounts for more than 7% of the total sales volume of forklift trucks in the world, ranking eighth in the global forklift industry. As an old brand manufacturing enterprise in Hangzhou, Hangcha has grown into the first enterprise with an industrial sales value of 10 billion on the science and innovation corridor in the west of the city, and has been leading the industry for 14 consecutive years. In 2018, the sales volume of Hangcha group exceeded 126000 units, of which nearly 25000 units were exported

after nearly a decade of development, Hangcha has become one of the leading enterprises in forklift R & D and manufacturing in China since it was relocated to Qingshanhu science and Technology City in 2009, and it has also boosted the development of the manufacturing industry of Qingshanhu science and technology city

not long ago, Hangzhou held a conference to promote the "new manufacturing plan", which sounded the clarion call of "making Hangzhou a strong manufacturing city with world influence". Hangcha is listed as a typical high-end manufacturing enterprise in the city's "new manufacturing plan". Hangcha will increase research and development efforts in product intelligence, electrification, digitalization, energy conservation and environmental protection, comfort and safety, and constantly expand the product matrix to fully promote product globalization and service globalization

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