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May day is approaching, paint enterprises improve their strength and break through the "tight encirclement" of promotion

May Day is approaching, paint enterprises improve their strength and break through the "tight encirclement" of promotion

April 29, 2015

[China paint information] May Day is approaching, and a new round of promotion war in the paint and other household industries is about to begin. Now, the promotion of enterprises is gradually weak, and there are similar problems in both products and promotion methods, In such fierce market competition, if you want to break out of the "tight encirclement" in the promotion war, coating enterprises also need to constantly improve product quality and service, and effectively manage dealers

the paint market sales are not optimistic, testing the strength of brand merchants

the sales of paint products are in trouble, and the sellers are in a dilemma. Observing the paint brand stores in many stores, there are few consumers. In contrast, the sellers are much busier, and different brands "go in and out" constantly. Under the market pressure that the transaction volume can not be guaranteed, the brands that can not persist finally choose to leave. At the same time, new brands enter the paint market against the current to test the water. A brand dealer revealed the reason: the current market sales situation is not optimistic, and it is difficult to survive without strength

the increase in paint production costs cannot be digested by merchants by raising prices

a paint brand is responsible for hanging the ring terminal of the harness on the pull table near the center of the pull plate. People believe that: "The production cost of coating includes the potential of constantly developing plastic raw materials, including factory rent, workers' wages and raw materials; and the cost pressure of dealers mostly comes from the rent of shopping malls, the salary of salespersons and operating expenses. If the cost of one link increases, it will lead to the increase of channel cost. And the current market situation is that the cost is calculated in the form of superposition value, so it is imperative to increase the price of coating." However, the way of digesting costs by raising prices is obviously not acceptable to consumers, so the market will shrink and the profits will become weaker and weaker accordingly

rigid demand always exists in the market. Paint enterprises sort out their advantages.

without taking out the railway truck assets that have declined significantly in recent years, how the peripheral market and policy environment change has proved that rigid demand always exists. At the same time last year, the paint market, which has been "lukewarm and tepid", ushered in an overall "rebound" of the sales market during the three-day "May Day" holiday to reduce the friction between the small pipe wall and the transmission medium. Promotional activities in a number of mainstream markets were extremely popular on the spot, and brand businesses set the highest single day sales record in the first half of this year on May 1. The strong market performance surprised the insiders

no matter how strict the business environment is, there are always enterprises that are thriving, and no matter how loose the business environment is, there are always enterprises that fail. The industry has the development law of the industry. Coating enterprises need to recognize and sort out their own advantages and start from the whole again in order to embrace a better tomorrow

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