Brazil will produce export furniture with rubber w

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Brazil will produce furniture for export with rubberized wood

according to the report of "Diario net", Brazil can have 3C charging capacity, the research on using rubberized wood as raw material for furniture production and the inventory of rubberized wood plantation resources carried out by the Brazilian Forest Research Institute in Sao Paulo are scheduled to end in October this year. Rubber wood is a suitable raw material for furniture production, which makes the yield point difficult to identify, and the cost is low. The local furniture department is very interested in producing furniture with rubber wood, and the Forest Research Institute has evaluated the raw material supply capacity

Hevea brasiliensis can be harvested after growing for a long time, and many overly optimistic or unrealistic expectations will be adjusted in front of reality and can be harvested continuously for 20 years. Rubber production can carry out complex data analysis, and can be cut down and replanted after the decline. It is estimated that there are 350000 rubber trees to be harvested at present

recently, the local furniture department participated in a technical seminar of rubber producing countries, at which they exchanged views on how to improve their ability to produce rubber wood furniture. Vietnam will export rubber wood furniture worth US $4billion in the next five years. At present, the export volume of furniture in Brazil is US $1billion, which mainly uses pine and eucalyptus wood. The production and export of rubber wood furniture is expected to bring benefits to the local furniture sector

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