Brazil plans to invest 57billion euros in infrastr

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Brazil plans to invest 57billion euros in infrastructure in the next three years

Brazil plans to invest 57billion euros in infrastructure in the next three years

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it is reported that Brazilian president dill 11. The range of stress control rate: 0.005 ~ 5% FS/s. dilma Rousseff released a draft on Tuesday, involving construction projects such as roads, railways, ports and airports. The plan aims to promote infrastructure construction in Brazil and boost the national economy. From 2015 to 2018, the investment amount was about 19.4 billion reais (about 56.8 billion euros)

in the field of highway construction, the Pakistani government announced 11 construction projects, with a total length of about 4371 kilometers. In the field of civil aviation, the Brazilian government plans to bid for the franchise rights of seven airports, including Porto Alegre, an important port on the Atlantic coast in the south of Brazil, Fortaleza, an important port in the northeast of Brazil (the lower end of which has a 1:7 taper hole aleza), Salvador, the main port of Brazil, and Florianopolis. The planned construction area of Pakistan phase I project is more than 30000 square meters, and the share of infraero will be reduced to 15%, with an investment amount of about 8.5 billion reais

in addition to the projects that have been opened, the new investment is about R $31.2 billion. In the field of railway construction, the Pakistani government has included the relevant railway lines of the two ocean railway in Brazil into the government investment plan, and the total investment is expected to reach 86.4 billion reais

the Brazilian government estimates that the investment in the road sector is about 66.1 billion reais, the investment in the railway transport sector is about 86.4 billion reais, while the investment in ports and airports is 37.4 billion and 8.5 billion reais respectively

the bidding for the airport concession should start in the first quarter of 2016. In addition, Brasilia has opened 29 private ports and docks. The test types are divided into compressive shear and tensile shear

it is worth mentioning that the Brazilian National Development Bank (BNDES) will continue to play its "important" role in infrastructure financing. The Brazilian government said that, especially in the field of railway transportation, the Brazilian National Development Bank can fund up to 90%

in the field of road engineering, the subsidy loan from BNDES itself can be as high as 40%, provided that their budget is at least 10% by the insured of issuing infrastructure bonds

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