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Half of May has passed, and it is difficult for China's titanium dioxide to get out of the downturn.

half of May has passed. China's titanium dioxide market has not increased with the price increase of international titanium dioxide giants, which has also led material manufacturers to strengthen close cooperation with Automotive OEM manufacturers, parts and R & D institutions, and film blowing machines to develop high-end technology; This is one of the reasons why the automotive industry will rebound in the face of the strongest sound news of lightweight and new energy technology innovation. The market demand is still sluggish. Most foreign titanium dioxide raise prices for high-end products, which has little impact on domestic manufacturers, and it is difficult to promote the recovery of titanium dioxide prices

since 2009, the global titanium dioxide industry has been booming. The influx of domestic participants has led to uneven quality and rapid expansion of production capacity. It has become normal for enterprises to frantically press prices and compete for market share. The "roller coaster" market that appeared many times in 2012 has sounded an alarm for the industry and ushered in 2013 in the chaos of the industry order

the market in the first half of 2013 can be described as "falling endlessly". Since 2013, the lubricating film between the two friction surfaces has been formed. Since January, the price of domestic rutile titanium dioxide has decreased from 16800 yuan/ton to less than 15900 yuan/ton, a decrease of 5.37%. At this time last year, the price of titanium dioxide was at a high level of more than 20000 yuan/ton. In one year, the price of titanium dioxide fell by 19.25%. This downward cycle has passed for a long time, especially after the domestic launch of the "five national policies", the sharp contraction of the real estate market accelerated the downturn of the upstream coating market. Wipe the surface without paint and wipe it with cotton yarn dipped in a little engine oil once again. Titanium dioxide, as the main raw material of paint, bears the brunt of the "cold". In addition to the high inventory brought by the early stage, the market price of titanium dioxide has been declining. Although some international giants recently announced that they began to adjust the price of titanium dioxide in June, it is reported that the price increase of international giants is mainly because the recovery of the U.S. real estate market has driven the demand for paint and coating, and the upstream titanium dioxide industry has become the most direct beneficiary

according to the person in charge of Shanghai YANTI industry, China is trapped in the real estate regulation policy, and the investment has shrunk. The short-term demand of the real estate market will not be boosted. At present, the acceleration of China's infrastructure construction and urbanization construction will alleviate the plight of titanium dioxide to a certain extent. Overall, titanium dioxide is still in the bottom stage. Although there is no possibility of a sharp decline in the future, the downturn in market performance will make the industry pessimistic

at present, the domestic rutile titanium dioxide market quotation is yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is mostly about 14000 yuan/ton. Before the domestic downstream market and exports improve, China's titanium dioxide market may be dominated by shock and decline in May

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