The hottest May 6 Shengze chemical fiber Market po

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On May 6, polyester chip express of Shengze chemical fiber market

pta price slightly increased, and MEG market price decreased. The price of semi gloss and bright polyester chips fell, the price of CDP chips also fell weakly, and the price of polyester bottle chips is still in adjustment. The spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 10500 yuan/ton, which is accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream of cash is generally yuan/ton, with a lower price of 10250 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slice is 10550 yuan/ton, which will be delivered in a short distance in three months, and the mainstream cash is generally 10400 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP slice market fell slightly to yuan/ton, and it will be accepted and delivered in six months. At present, people in the slice Market are obviously bearish in the aftermarket, and the transaction is still light

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