Brazil will build the world's longest HVDC transmi

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Brazil will build the world's longest HVDC transmission line

Brazil is preparing to build the world's longest HVDC transmission line spanning 2500 kilometers. Abb, a power and automation technology group, recently announced that it will cooperate with Spain's abengoa group to participate in the construction of the world's longest HVDC transmission line in Brazil

the compression test is used to measure the pressure strength, relative shortening rate and section increase rate of materials under static pressure.

this high-voltage DC line will transmit the electric energy of two new hydropower stations in Northwest Brazil to Sao Paulo, the economic center of Brazil. The voltage level of the line is 600 kV, and the power loss in the transmission process will be minimized. This is the second 600 kV HVDC transmission line built in Brazil

Lu Yipu, head of Power System Department of ABB group, said, "HVDC technology is very suitable for efficient transmission. We have developed a dryer to transmit renewable power such as hydropower produced in remote areas." ABB will build two 3150 megawatt high-voltage DC converter stations and an 800 megawatt high-voltage DC converter station for the project, in which copper and rare earth are added to improve the electrocatalytic activity of the alloy and corrosion-resistant epoxy resin composites are usually produced by resin transfer molding or injection into a strictly controlled part system, so as to transmit power to Sao Paulo and AC in northwestern Brazil. These converter station construction projects are an important part of the "accelerated development plan" launched by the Brazilian government and are scheduled to be completed in 2012

compared with the traditional AC transmission system, HVDC technology can not only improve the transmission efficiency, reduce the power loss in the process of long-distance transmission, but also maintain the stability of power supply and occupy less land. As an ideal technology for long-distance power transmission, high-voltage DC technology can smoothly transmit electric energy from remote areas to the central area of electric load

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