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The distinguished guests of the Chinese printing delegation gathered at the joint exhibition stand of AVT and GMI in druba

AVT and its subsidiary GMI, and jointly participated in the 2008 druba Printing Exhibition for the first time, showing the most comprehensive printing process control scheme for commercial, newspaper, label, packaging and folding carton printing enterprises. During the two-week exhibition, the Chinese printing delegation visited the joint booth of AVT and GMI, including the delegation from Shenzhen Jinjia, Xingguang group, Foshan Huaxin, Shanghai Ziquan, Xinzhou group, Yunnan Honghe Xiongfeng, Beijing Printing Institute, etc, On the first day of the exhibition, a delegation of nearly 30 people from China printing and equipment industry association, led by Mr. tanjunqiao, visited the joint booth of AVT and GMI in detail

based on AVT's rich experience in packaging and label market, folding carton manufacturers can now use avt100% automatic quality inspection system to realize folding carton sheet inspection. Printvision/orion is a 100% automatic quality inspection system that can ensure that products are free of defects. The control platform of printvision/orion is composed of an automatic inspection system based on line CCD, sensors, converters and output units. The system can detect all kinds of printing problems, such as printing dirty spots, color differences, creases, etc., and can remove defective waste products while collecting qualified products

after creating the first so-called environmental pre-processing solution for automatic overprint and color difference control for CI flexographic printing market, AVT introduced a revolutionary aconpro add-on module to realize closer and more complex and precise connection between AVT printvision platform and printing machine, thus achieving the fastest solution for automatic prepress adjustment, installation and control

avt will also provide upgrade value-added solutions for its installed systems, including the new version of printvision/helios system, which provides upgrade functions for label and narrow width rotary printing detection

the new version of printvision/jupiter, printvision/apollo, printvision/argus and PRI with value-added functions, so many products need to undergo very strict tests before leaving the factory. After that, ntflow Ma Jinmin has also developed noble, high-end and gorgeous spray free material nager system of different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging, which will be exhibited at the drupa exhibition at the same time. The new version of the system and platform will improve the stability, accuracy and user-friendly performance of the system to a new and higher level, while shortening the production preparation time and reducing the intervention of operators

the new products and solutions released by AVT at the exhibition will be rapidly promoted in China in cooperation with Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd., serving many label and packaging printing enterprises in China. As the general agent and comprehensive partner of AVT in China, Shenzhen Botai printing equipment Co., Ltd. has vigorously carried out AVT's technical promotion and service support in the domestic printing industry in the close cooperation with AVT in just a few years

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