Vietnam's rubber export to China fell sharply

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According to the Ministry of Commerce, the price of Vietnam's rubber exports to China fell sharply.

according to Vietnam's market price materials news, the price of natural rubber exported to China by Vietnam through Mangjie port fell sharply last week. The transaction price of private exporters was only 21710 yuan per ton, while that of state-owned companies affiliated to Vietnam Rubber Group was 21790 yuan per ton, down about 6% from 23100 yuan per ton the previous week

it is reported that the reason for the above two prices is that Vietnamese private exporters cannot provide certificates of origin (c/o). Due to the price drop, the rubber trading volume of small trade at Lulin Luofu port has decreased sharply, from 1000 tons a day to 500 tons to promote the concept of public welfare. Many exporters have suspended transactions with former partners and turned to looking for new customers. The transaction price between some private shippers exporting grade I SVR3L rubber and new customers in Hainan and Hong Kong can be maintained at 22000 yuan/ton

according to the economic experts at Mangjie port, the Chinese market still has a great demand for the import of natural rubber that does not need further processing, and the decline in Vietnam's rubber exports caused by the decline in prices is only temporary. It is expected that in June, China's import enterprises will increase the import of polyester, nylon and other conventional varieties of technology and scope leading in the world, and the price and export volume of Vietnam's natural rubber will return to a higher level

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