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Vigorously promote the far-infrared radiation energy-saving coating for high-temperature kilns

vigorously promote the universal data testing machine, which is mainly composed of support, hydraulic control box, external force measurement display and electrical system. The far-infrared radiation energy-saving coating for high-temperature kilns

February 22, 2010

[China coating information] the far-infrared radiation energy-saving coating for high-temperature kilns is a new product of high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection for industrial kilns, It can be directly sprayed on the refractory surface of various high-temperature kilns or the surface of water-cooled wall tubes of steam boilers to form a layer of hard ceramic glaze hard shell, which can protect the furnace body, prolong the furnace life and effectively reflect the infrared heat energy in the furnace. It can significantly improve the heat transfer effect in the furnace, reduce the discharge of black oil, and save 5% ~ 35% fuel consumption. It is very suitable for industrial kilns above 300 ℃

high temperature infrared composite coating contains a variety of infrared radiation materials. It has high infrared radiation spectral emissivity and excellent technical characteristics in the far-infrared, mid infrared and near-infrared bands. Coating on the inner surface of the furnace can achieve significant energy-saving effect, improve the radiation heat transfer power, reduce the heat loss of the furnace outer wall, improve the tire speed level, improve the service life of the furnace body, and improve the air tightness of the furnace body, Reduce heat loss caused by high-temperature gas escaping

high temperature energy-saving coating is a new type of energy-saving material, which is a viscous suspension fluid composed of refractory powder, transition metal oxide, blackening agent, sintering agent and suspending agent. It is sprayed on the inner wall of industrial furnaces to form a coating of 0.3 ~ 0.5mm. It has higher service temperature and economic value than the general far-infrared coating. The application of the coating in the heating furnace of steel rolling can save fuel, protect the proportion of renewable energy, and continuously increase the lining surface of the furnace, prolong the service life of the furnace, improve the thermal efficiency of the furnace, shorten the drying time, and improve the heating speed and operation rate of the heated parts. At present, the energy-saving coatings commonly used abroad are mainly composed of SiC powder. In addition, other series of energy-saving coatings have been developed in China. The heating furnace with high-temperature energy-saving coating can save energy by 0.7% ~ 2% and increase furnace productivity by 20% ~ 28%

high temperature radiation coating is also called high temperature far infrared coating (HTEE). Far infrared ray is a kind of thermal light invisible to the naked eye. The radiating element can radiate far infrared ray below 600 ℃, and it can also radiate far infrared ray above 600 ℃. It is also feasible to use far infrared ray for heat treatment of high temperature metals. In order to make high temperature far infrared radiation coating, it is necessary to look for materials with high emissivity. The test shows that zirconia (ZrO2), iron oxide (Fe2O3), chromium trioxide (Cr2O3) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) are good raw materials for making high temperature far-infrared radiation coatings. The average emissivity of the radiation coating made from these raw materials is 0.85 at 600 ~ 1000 ℃, which conforms to the absorption coefficient of the metal in this temperature range, so the heating effect can be improved. High temperature coating is a kind of heat-resistant material with high emissivity. Jinan Fangyuan testing machine factory specializes in producing universal material testing machine. This material is coated on the inner wall of the flame furnace, which can increase the blackness of the inner wall of the furnace, and its role is to strengthen the heat exchange process in the furnace

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