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In recent years, the rapid development of disposable medical devices in the U.S. market is also an important factor in the expansion of the medical plastic market. For many manufacturers and exporters of disposable medical plastic products in China, the importance of the American market is self-evident. Therefore, it is very necessary for the development of new products in China's medical device industry to understand the future trend of American medical plastic market after reducing environmental pollution

China's medical plastics industry has developed rapidly, but there is still a big gap between medical plastics products and foreign advanced level, which is mainly reflected in the incomplete categories of raw materials required for medical plastics products, and the nonstandard standards for quality to ensure the safety and reliability of laboratory personnel, tested products and experimental equipment; Low management level and poor product quality stability; The technical structure of the products is out of date. Most of the products are of middle and low grade and lack market competitiveness

in order to make the medical plastic market flourish, we must do the following:

1. Do a good job in enterprise structure adjustment and system transformation. Pay attention to the medical plastic industry, limit the increase of low value-added and low technology product enterprises, and focus on supporting several large medical plastic enterprises. We will eliminate backward small and medium-sized enterprises and establish a competitive mechanism for the survival of the fittest

2. Promote technological progress and improve equipment level. Establish and improve the enterprise technology center as soon as possible, actively adopt new technology, new process, new production mode and management mode, and actively develop new products to occupy the market. It also pays attention to the grafting of new technologies and traditional products, and vigorously develops new products that are conducive to opening up domestic and foreign markets and are competitive

3. Improve product quality and reliability. Medical plastics enterprises should improve their management level as soon as possible. They must act in accordance with laws and regulations, seriously implement ISO9000 quality assurance system, regulate the behavior of enterprises with stable performance and other advantages, and improve product quality

due to the acceleration of globalization, the outsourcing business of plastic products has been transferred to developing countries, which has become a world trend. As a developing country, China must seize the opportunity to vigorously develop medical devices and promote the better development of medical plastics industry

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