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Pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises urgently need to strengthen their comprehensive R & D capabilities

nowadays, China's pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry has developed rapidly, and has filled the gap in basic technology and basic categories. Some equipment has been synchronized with the current world's latest technological progress, and the gap between the high-end level and foreign countries is not great. Domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery enterprises need to strengthen their comprehensive R & D capabilities in order to make their equipment shine in the future market

the packaging of drugs is an industry that will never stagnate, so it wears out faster. People will inevitably have some minor or serious diseases in their daily life and work. Drugs are necessary when we are sick, and they are also an important condition for me to maintain a healthy body

some large pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers will always choose to purchase those imported pharmaceutical packaging machinery, because they always believe that the packaging performance of imported equipment is the most stable and reliable, and domestic equipment simply cannot meet their own pharmaceutical packaging needs well before use

because our local drug packaging machinery does fall behind the international level, their idea is understandable, so as a domestic drug packaging machinery supplier, we should be ashamed and brave to vigorously develop our own equipment packaging technology. Now we have economic technology and strong scientific and technological force as the back end to develop and innovate drug packaging machinery. We have this ability

the increase in the types of drugs has led to a variety of drug packaging forms, and the competition in the drug packaging market has become increasingly fierce. Pharmaceutical packaging will form a period of great prosperity in the future, and packaging machinery must be indispensable. In this case, it is imperative to create excellent packaging technology

the degree of intelligence in the pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry represents the breadth and depth of its application. At present, the pharmaceutical packaging machinery is still in a low level of primary intelligence. The continuous development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry has put forward higher requirements for intelligence, This means that I have reduced plastic shopping bags by about 1.4 million tons. It is necessary and able to make great efforts to develop advanced intelligent drug packaging technology in combination with specific application needs

in terms of product structure adjustment, we should change the situation of low technology content as soon as possible, learn from foreign advanced technology, and develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing. Develop suitable packaging equipment according to national conditions, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and further develop domestic and international markets

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