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There are several aspects of the theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health products that we need to point out in particular:

1. The emergence of new theories of pharmaceutical products should consider not only the psychological factors of consumers, but also political, social, cultural and other factors

2. The emergence of new theories of pharmaceutical products must have the rigor, scientificity, authenticity and progressiveness of medical theories, and be consistent with the efficacy and function of products. The new theory that can be verified by clinical data is the best

3. The emergence of the new theory of traditional Chinese medicine products requires the relevant theories of Western medicine to be combined with the specific product attributes of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to produce a new concept

4. After the emergence of the new theory of pharmaceutical products and in order to have a significant impact, there must be sufficient funds to build momentum for it, otherwise the due effect will not be produced due to the low awareness of the new theory. At the same time, from a historical point of view, almost all far-reaching theories need a certain time of infiltration and cognitive process, so entrepreneurs should have courage and patience, psychological preparation, and a strong heart

5. The new theory of pharmaceutical products is not completely the same as the advertising language of products. That is, the advertising language can put forward new theories of products, or Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. welcomes you to use new theories that do not involve products. However, the new theory of pharmaceutical products is where the differentiation and market value of the products lie

the theoretical packaging strategy of pharmaceutical products is an active and effective weapon for the market development of pharmaceutical products. He will quickly improve the grade, grade, market value and added value of products, and leave a deep impression on consumers. Make the products from popular to popular. The bare, single function publicity will not have the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort, and the loss of advertising funds is no longer inevitable

at the same time, from the perspective of product research and development and product image, we further elaborate the importance of theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health products, but the products are mainly sold abroad

as you know, the vast majority of pharmaceutical products in China are imitations and reproductions. This reality is tantamount to declaring that the pharmacology and efficacy of Chinese pharmaceutical products are basically determined ingredients that lack the will of operators and market demand, and there are few market factors. The planning of products is also carried out on this basis. The current situation abroad is: from the product development stage, market research has begun to intervene to find the unmet needs of consumers; When the drug enters phase III clinical practice, the latest and most prominent indications of the product have been determined on the basis of a large number of investigations, and favorable support has been given to clinical research and practice, so as to initially form a brand-new product with everything from theory to data to clinical testing. From this point of view, we recognize that the theoretical packaging of medicine and health products has strong late onset, artificial and pale limitations, but in the current situation, it is the best way to do nothing

due to the lack of research and development process of Chinese pharmaceutical products, there is no research and development and clinical support in the marketing process, but only a single public opinion support. In this case, if we don't try to find the usable parts in product research and development and give them strong packaging, but only focus on publicizing the existing functions of the products, the enterprises and products will inevitably fall into the following quagmire:

1. The products give people a sense of lack of differentiation and too low starting point, and the vitality and competitiveness of the products will become weak

2. Product segmentation will not be in place, unable to find a blank market, and it is difficult to operate on a large scale

3. Because there are no differences and characteristics in products, just like advertisements with poor creativity, the requirements for the volume of promotional publicity have risen sharply, and the publicity investment of enterprises must increase endlessly

4. Such products are not loved by dealers and consumers, which eventually leads to the market not loving them, and one of them dies

obviously, the manufacturers are unwilling to see these phenomena, but they lack solutions. On the other hand, from the perspective of sustainable development and long-term benefits, what does the relationship between enterprises and customers depend on? Now most enterprises believe that it depends on relationships. In essence, this marketing method is not only unique, but also has no long-term use of Panasonic servo Electromechanical. Because of the relationship, everyone will do it, and the substitute will intervene at any time. At the same time, it will not only breed difficulties for businesses to the enterprise, but also make it easier for the sales lifeline of the enterprise to be in the hands of several salesmen of the company. Once the salesman changes, the sales chain of the enterprise will be interrupted. Therefore, advanced enterprises focus on establishing the product image of drugs among doctors and other customers, enhancing their love for products, and establishing long-term and stable trade partnership with customers. But establishing the image of drugs and enhancing the popularity is not the purpose, but just the means. The real purpose is to promote sales and let doctors use your medicine

to achieve this goal, without the theoretical packaging of the product, it is absolutely impossible to express the characteristics and concepts of the product in a high, accurate and novel way. This is the purpose of repeatedly expounding the value and importance of theoretical packaging of pharmaceutical products and health products from many aspects

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