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Pharmaceutical packaging: reduce costs and work hard on packaging

compared with pharmaceutical products, medical devices have their own particularity, and most of them do not need to be on the shelf. Therefore, in the past, people often only focused on the performance of products, but paid little attention to their packaging. However, with the increasingly fierce market competition, especially the increasingly serious homogenization of products, some packaging rules that were widely used in other product fields have attracted more and more attention, and are exerting a subtle and important impact on pharmaceutical packaging. With the rapid rise of costs and the decline of profit margin, the company's tree industry packaging department, established with its own funds, plays a role of "passing on, helping and leading" the supply of medical devices to later scholars. All departments on the response chain have to follow suit to reduce the cost of medical devices

in the process of reducing the packaging cost of medical devices, perhaps the most striking is packaging automation. Medical device packaging is a labor-intensive industry, and many operations need to be completed manually. Converting rigid packaging into flexible blister packaging, especially in the case of large-scale operations, the use of automatic packaging machinery greatly saves packaging time compared with manual operation

Harold Miller, the director of pacesolutions consulting company and the former packaging manager of Johnson & Johnson, said, "it is obvious that a lot of cost savings come from the packaging of large quantities of products, mainly molding, filling and sealing packaging products - soft blisters or hard blisters. This not only saves materials, but also the mass production of products makes the packaging from manual or semi-automatic to fully automated."

another effective way to reduce costs is to reduce the consumption of high priced materials. Lowering material standards has become very popular. Foreign Xu electronic universal testing machine is widely used in various metal, non-metal, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wire and cable, paper, film, rubber, textile, aerospace and other industries to test tensile performance indicators. Many companies have reached the limit in this regard

at present, many companies at home and abroad reduce costs by reducing some processes in the processing process, such as peelable coatings. Many packages, especially those products disinfected with oxyethane, are sealed with porous materials, and the sealing materials are torn off from one side, so it is necessary to ensure the cleanness of this process. The tear able material must be coated on its surface with a special polymer sealant

however, adding a protective coating to this tear able material adds another process to the pharmaceutical packaging. Some film processors prefer to coat directly from the bottom and seal with non breathable materials, which greatly saves costs

the packaging Department of Cook's supply center adopts one-stage welding of sterile packaging for syringes, catheters and other medical devices, and the welding point is at the protruding part of the inner layer of the medical device tray, so the tray will not fall off during the diagnosis and treatment process. AVA tex bone adhesive syringe produced by Cardinal Health Company is used to treat bone diseases caused by osteoporosis. It is packaged with thermoformed tray, and it can also add related devices according to different needs

source: pharmaceutical economics

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