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At present, China has introduced 6 production lines of plastic infusion bags, with a production capacity of about 34 million bags/year. With the development and promotion of high-quality plastic infusion containers, the production and consumption of glass infusion bottles are gradually reduced. In 2000, plastic infusion bags reached about 30% of the total output of infusion containers, about 650million bags

Plastic drug packaging of other dosage forms

is mainly promoted and applied to the plastic composite film bag packaging of drugs such as granules, powders, powders, etc. the following varieties are introduced:

① biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film: the biaxially oriented BOPP film has good transparency, heat resistance and good barrier performance. It is used for the outer layer of the composite bag, and it is compounded with LDPE, EVA, EEA, EAA or aluminum foil with good heat sealing property, Greatly improve the stiffness and physical and mechanical performance of the composite membrane. If PVDC with excellent moisture resistance is coated on BOPP base film, its impermeability will be greatly improved

② cast polypropylene film (CPP): it has good heat sealing property and is mostly used for the inner layer of composite packaging bags. It can be vacuum aluminized and then compounded with BOPP, pet, OPA, Pt, etc

③ polyester film (PETP): biaxially stretched polyester film has extremely high mechanical strength and rigidity, high heat resistance, good drug resistance, excellent transparency and gloss, small water and oxygen permeability, and particularly good fragrance retention, which is unmatched by all other films

④ polyvinylidene chloride film (PVDC): it is a film with the best barrier performance. Unlike PVC or Eval, which is affected by humidity changes, it has good transparency and good heat and cold resistance. PVDC lotion can be used as the moisture-proof coating of polypropylene film. The Pt or op metal coated with it can be used for high cycle fatigue machine with large stress, which indicates that P has good moisture-proof barrier performance and improves the performance of drug packaging

⑤ aluminizing film: the real aluminizing film is a kind of film deposited on various base films by aluminum vapor precipitation under high vacuum, and the aluminizing layer is very thin. At present, the real aluminum plating films of PETP, CPP, Pt, PVC, OPP, PE, etc. are widely used, among which the vacuum aluminum plating films of PETP, CPP, PE are mostly used. In addition to the characteristics of the original base film, the vacuum aluminized film also has beautiful decoration and better barrier performance. Especially, after aluminizing various substrates, the light transmittance, oxygen permeability and water vapor permeability are reduced by dozens or hundreds of times. It can be used as a good material in pharmaceutical packaging and is one of the excellent materials to be developed in the future

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