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Pharmaceutical packaging machinery urgently needs excellent packaging technology

precisely because our local pharmaceutical packaging machinery does have a certain gap with the international level, and it is understandable that they have such ideas, so as a domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery supplier, we should know our shame and then be brave to vigorously develop our own equipment packaging technology

the packaging of drugs is an industry that will never be depressed. People will inevitably have some minor or serious diseases in their daily life and work. Drugs are necessary when we are sick, and they are also an important condition for me to maintain a healthy body

therefore, with the improvement of living standards, people will pay more attention to their own health, and the sales of drug packaging machinery will continue to rise. As a domestic manufacturer of drug packaging machinery, we urgently need to improve our equipment packaging technology to prepare for the huge demand

some large pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers will always choose to purchase those imported pharmaceutical packaging machinery, because they always believe that the packaging performance of imported equipment is the most stable and reliable, and domestic equipment can not meet their own pharmaceutical packaging needs at all

because our local drug packaging machinery does fall behind the international level, and their idea is understandable, so as a domestic drug packaging machinery supplier, we should be ashamed of the Russian researchers' ability to synthesize degradable composites in soil and then be brave to vigorously develop our own equipment packaging technology, We now have the ability to develop and innovate pharmaceutical packaging machinery because our extruder products are closely linked to strategic new industries, with economic technology and strong scientific and technological forces as the back end

in view of the rising demand for this series of equipment in our domestic market in the future, it is imperative for us to build excellent packaging technology

the increase in the types of drugs has led to a variety of drug packaging forms. At this time, the test of our domestic enterprises is whether they have comprehensive R & D capabilities, It is believed that the development of more and more strict requirements in the field of domestic pharmaceutical packaging machinery will definitely enable its equipment to shine in the future market. The team of bio based and biomimetic advanced molecules led by Wan Xiaobo, a researcher at the Key Laboratory of the Institute of bio based materials, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and process, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully developed new polyurethane materials

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