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Editor's note: in the last topic, we discussed the detection and specific application of pharmaceutical packaging materials, and this topic will go deep into pharmaceutical packaging again, talking about the design and molding process of pharmaceutical packaging containers and products. Since materials are the foundation of packaging life, containers and products can be said to be a solid framework to continue this life, so it is necessary to talk about pharmaceutical packaging containers in this issue

one container application

the changing market situation requires that drug packaging must be innovative. Due to historical and cultural reasons, the packaging design of domestic drugs in China has formed a relatively simple and plain design frame. Many similar drug packaging words are the same, which are only distinguished by color changes, and the product name is not eye-catching, which is easy to be confused. Compared with the packaging of imported drugs and drugs of "three foreign funded" enterprises, these drug packages are dwarfed in terms of appearance design and consumer consideration. The packaging design of many domestic drugs is following the foreign drug packaging design ideas, and the globalization of the pharmaceutical economy requires China's drug packaging to follow the international popular trend, take the nationalization route, go beyond the current situation, and gradually have the ability of global recognition

at the same time, drug packaging must consider the compatibility of drugs with packaging materials and containers, as well as the impact of packaging materials on the stability of drugs during the storage period of drugs

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the company's measurement and control system adopts the controller hytestv6.0 developed by the world's first 32-bit ARM technology This controller is based on the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine bottles on the 32-bit arm platform

BOPP infusion bottles are more and more widely used

performance detection and quality requirements of the second container

before the application and design of drug packaging containers, their performance and quality must be considered to be compatible with drugs, so this must be well controlled before application

infrared spectrum determination technology of drug packaging container molecules

Application and measurement method of medicinal spray

Application of quality detection technology of large infusion bag packaging

infusion bag packaging needs to strengthen quality control

Design of three containers

the characteristic of drug packaging is high preservation. Advanced packaging design is a good way for large pharmaceutical companies to launch their new products. Although the expected sales are increasing, the pressure on material supply is also great. In order to compete, suppliers have to combine the advantages of technical performance, price, service in place and help development, so as to attract manufacturers and consumers, and design drug containers from children to middle-aged and elderly people

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forming technology of four containers

after talking about the performance testing and design of drug packaging containers, next, we will focus on the processing and forming technology of main drug packaging containers

(I) medical polyester bottle

polyester plastic bottle (PET) is one of the most important packaging containers at present. It is mainly used for the packaging of drugs and carbonated beverages, as well as for the packaging of alcohol, tea drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, edible oil, condiments, cosmetics, pesticides, detergents and other liquids. As a drug packaging container, polyester bottles have many advantages. Therefore, the intrinsic viscosity, crystallization temperature, cooling rate and orientation effect of raw materials are particularly important in the production of pharmaceutical PET bottles

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(II) pharmaceutical polyethylene bottles

at present, China has gradually realized the transformation of "plastic" instead of "glass" in terms of the maximum damage load recorded in the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets. The processing and application of high-quality HDPE bottles cannot be separated from reasonable bottle structure design, high-quality raw material formula design, perfect production equipment and mature molding process methods

processing of medical polyethylene bottles (I) (II) (III)

processing and application of medical high-density polyethylene bottles

(III) other plastic bottles

blow molding process and external detection of medical plastic bottles (I) (II)

blow molding process of plastic bottles for entity entrepreneurship platforms driven by technological innovation (I) (II)

molding and application of soft plastic infusion packaging containers (I) (II)


to sum up, drug packaging needs to constantly adapt to market changes in terms of materials, container selection and processing. Therefore, the advanced drug packaging has a safety cover for the medication safety of the elderly and children; A measuring cup with accurate measurement and convenient use is equipped for oral liquid; Put the medicine out of the reach of children and so on. All of these not only bring patients medication safety information, but also have the effect of reaching consumer psychological recognition

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