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Quality first, Shandong Lingong conquers large mining users like this

quality first, Shandong Lingong conquers large mining users like this

China Construction machinery information

in the past two years, together with China's construction machinery industry, there is also the coal market. "Since 2012, the global coal price has fallen sharply, and the shutdown and transfer of domestic mines and coal enterprises are also accelerating. Up to now, the mechanization level and management system of mines that can be preserved have been greatly improved. Now, those who participate in mining and stripping operations in mines are very competitive enterprises." Said Wang Zhen, deputy general manager of Erdos tengpeng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

the "touchstone" of construction machinery, has passed the college entrance examination before work

tengpeng was founded in 2010, and has completely experienced this huge decline and oscillation in China's coal market. At present, Wang Zhen and his mechanized construction team are serving Yangchang open pit coal mine in the northernmost Dongsheng coalfield of Ordos. This is a mature coal mine that has operated for 27 years, with an annual open-pit mining capacity of nearly one million tons

since entering Yangchang coal mine in 2014, Shandong Lingong complete mining equipment has gradually replaced Korean equipment and become the main construction force here. In tengpeng's view, the domestic excavator industry has a high degree of global procurement, and the quality difference of key parts has been minimal. At present, the quality difference that users can recognize with their "naked eyes" mostly lies in structural parts. "The quality of all structural parts of the temporary excavator can stand the test, and the quality of the boom is even better than that of European brands." Wang Zhen said

is more reliable than European brands. Shandong Lingong does this.

building a century old brand is Shandong Lingong's unremitting pursuit, "reliable bearing and heavy trust" - this is the concept that Shandong Lingong has always believed in and pursued

after several years of accumulation, China's construction machinery industry has entered the era of "decisive products". As the key to bearing the brand value of enterprises, maintaining the survival, development and improvement of enterprises, and constantly displaying the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises in the market, the value aura of "products" has become increasingly prominent. All this undoubtedly needs to be achieved through flexible product strategies and perfect manufacturing system

in the production base of Shandong Lingong, if the single column tensile testing machine has the above problems, closely adhere to the two fundamental elements of "PDA (DHI unit) shows orange efficiency" and "science and technology", and have already fully introduced the production lines of loaders, excavators, pavement machinery and core parts in the lean production mode (LPS), so that Shandong Lingong "design 1. Unique mechanical property testing of medium and thick steel plates" and "positioning medium and high-end" The characteristics of "rich functions" and "diversified product lines" are becoming clearer

in recent years, Shandong Lingong has won provincial governor quality award, National Machinery Industry Quality Award, national quality award, Asian Quality Excellence Award and other awards one by one, which is the "witness" that the company has become a quality pioneer in China's construction machinery industry

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