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Quality efficient and durable - Volvo ec55d excavator

quality efficient and durable - Volvo ec55d excavator

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Volvo ec55d high-quality small excavator is designed for long-term operation. This equipment combines Volvo's excellent design and high-quality parts, which is durable, with excellent performance and high fuel efficiency. Durable e at present, the technical concept of domestic aluminum alloy cable emerges one after another. C55d can not only prolong the normal operation time, but also has a highly competitive residual value, so it can ensure that customers can obtain a stable return on investment

Volvo ec55d excavator of national three new machines

comprehensively improved comprehensive performance of the equipment

Volvo ec55d excavator is equipped with d2.6a turbocharged engine that strictly conforms to the national three standards. It not only has a strong driving force leading the market, but also has excellent composite excavation force and faster excavation speed, and can complete more operations in a shorter time. In addition, the equipment also has excellent traction performance, slewing force and hoisting capacity, which can easily cope with all kinds of extremely challenging operation occasions. The improved cooling system ensures the best performance of the equipment in all climatic conditions, realizing the perfect combination of strong power and productivity

with ec55d sensitive control device and optimized hydraulic system, the operator can easily excavate, rotate, load and hoist, and control the machine at will, so as to achieve accurate ground operation and obtain high-quality flat surface. The smooth and comfortable operation experience of the equipment can enable the operator to improve productivity and reduce fatigue

ec55d wide cab can create a comfortable and quiet working environment for the operator, thus reducing the fatigue of the operator. In order to maximize convenience, the cab adopts monitors and controls in accordance with ergonomic layout, fully adjustable seats and half length control levers. In addition, the performance of the cab air conditioner has been improved by 10%, ensuring that the operator can work comfortably in all climatic conditions

create maximum value for users

Volvo ec55d's excellent hydraulic system can be perfectly matched with Volvo's excellent d2.6a engine, which gives the equipment outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. Supplemented by the convenient maintenance method and durability of the equipment, ec55d can be used as an electronic universal experimental machine. The cutting force and its changes in the cutting process, the vibration of the cutting process The contact between the tool and the workpiece and the identification of the chip state and cutting process during cutting create maximum equipment value for customers

Volvo ec55d adopts a rugged design and is equipped with a surrounding counterweight, an X-shaped chassis and a heavy-duty forearm to protect the engine compartment, which can work stably under extreme conditions. With accessible inspection points, butter barrel supports and a new, easy to clean single-layer cooling system, customers can maximize the normal operation time of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment. The durable equipment also has highly competitive residual value, which is worthy of customers' trust

perfect after-sales solution

with the user solution of Volvo Construction equipment and the unique dealer support network, ec55d users will be able to maximize the attendance rate of equipment, maximize profits and continue business development

Volvo customer support agreement includes repair and maintenance services, which is an important part of user solutions. It can not only effectively control the cost, but also help the owner maximize the normal operation time of the equipment. Its flexible policies can meet various needs, including overall maintenance and repair, and inspection items of major components and functions

Volvo maintenance technicians work with the help of industry-leading diagnostic tools and technologies, and only use Volvo original accessories to provide customers with excellent equipment maintenance services. Volvo genuine equipment covers maintenance parts, repair parts and wear-resistant parts, which can ensure that the equipment is in the best working condition


Volvo's rugged high-quality bucket and hydraulic crushing hammer are carefully designed for long-lasting operation under harsh conditions. They are not only durable, but also have excellent performance. The accessory device is customized for Volvo machines, and the bucket is reinforced with Volvo bucket teeth and wear-resistant parts, with a longer service life; There are a wide range of crushing tools with excellent performance, which can deal with any material calmly

main specifications:

ec55d (national third/stage iii/tier3)


Volvo d2.6a

maximum power


Net power (ISO 9249/sae j1349)


Total power (SAE j1995)


maximum excavation radius


maximum excavation deep vibration simulation also has different methods according to different purposes, such as resonance search, resonance dwell, cyclic scanning, random vibration and stress screening


working weight *


bucket capacity

0.2 m3

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