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The quality inspection center makes every effort to promote the quality improvement of construction machinery products

the quality inspection center makes every effort to promote the quality improvement of construction machinery products

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Guide: in China's construction machinery industry, the construction machinery military refitted vehicle test field (SYC) located in Yanqing, Beijing, and the national construction machinery quality supervision and Testing Center (hereinafter referred to as the quality inspection center), Its status and role are very unique. Since 1976, with the development of China's construction machinery industry, quality inspection center

in China's construction machinery industry, the construction machinery military refitted vehicle test site (SYC), located in Yanqing, Beijing, and the national construction machinery quality supervision and Testing Center (hereinafter referred to as the quality inspection center), its status and role are very unique. Since 1976, with the development of China's construction machinery industry, the quality inspection center has been working hard to promote the improvement of the quality level of products in the industry and has become an indispensable force for the development of the industry with the principle of "controlling the quality of the industry"

in recent years, under the background of the rapid development of the industry and internationalization, the quality inspection center has made great efforts to refine its own level and actively integrate with internationalization. The quality supervision and inspection work has shown a new atmosphere. Recently, I interviewed Li Jianyou, director of the quality inspection center

: as we all know, quality inspection centers have a special position in the industry. Please introduce the development history of quality inspection centers

Li Jianyou: the national construction machinery quality inspection center grew up gradually with the development of the construction machinery industry. It was founded in 1976 and was under the Ministry of machinery industry and managed by the China Mining Bureau and the military industry department. In the past, the positioning of quality inspection center was to carry out third-party industry services around the inspection and market access of construction machinery products in the machinery industry. From 1976 to now, it has extended from one field of construction machinery product technology testing to the five major technologies now, involving the technical cooperation in the automotive field, as well as the technical testing of civil aviation aviation equipment. At the same time, we have the inspection task of military products. In addition, we have also set up an environmental protection machinery testing center in the machinery industry, which focuses on the research and verification of testing technology for environmental protection machinery. Our organization has also been adjusted. At present, we have 220 employees, involving 6 testing institutes. The first research institute is mainly responsible for the detection and research of industrial vehicle products; The second research institute is responsible for the performance of soil understanding pressure testing machine and the effectiveness projects provided by the enterprise, as well as pavement machinery; The third research institute mainly focuses on automotive products and hoisting machinery; The Fourth Research Institute is mainly ground aviation equipment and trailers; The Fifth Research Institute is engaged in the detection of loading machinery products; The Sixth Research Institute involves the inspection of automobile parts of construction machinery; At the same time, our Xingli Tongda company provides technical assistance for supporting services in the industry; There is also an environmental protection machinery testing center. The center recently re elected a new leading group, of which I am responsible for administrative work; The four deputy directors are Lei Xiaowei, Lv Dong, Li Tiesheng and Huang Xue, who also serves as the party secretary of SYC. With the development of the industry, SYC provides services for the industry, from the initial single testing service to the current testing standard certification and a series of complete system certification. According to the needs of the industry, we have improved our testing equipment, and gradually changed from the experimental mode dominated by the whole machine experiment in the past to the experimental mode of laboratory parts testing. Every year, the testing center continuously improves the quality system according to the international guideline 17025 standard. At the same time, we continue to carry out training for staff, so that they can effectively meet the needs of laboratory work. In addition, we improve our testing level of testing equipment according to the requirements of international laboratories. In the nearly three-year plan, we have invested nearly 10 million yuan every year to make our testing equipment meet the requirements of internationalization and international recognition. Our vision and goal is to reach the authoritative Laboratory of international engineering machinery and professional automobile, and provide the best service for industry customers. According to this requirement, we have three stages to realize this vision. The first stage is to build a platform; The second is the stage of rapid development, which SYC has entered; By 2015, we will reach the third stage, which is to obtain international mutual recognition and build into an international authoritative laboratory

: which quality inspection equipment in the quality inspection center matches the international equipment standards

lijianyou: according to products, one is automobile and the other is construction machinery. Construction machinery includes complete machine products and parts, this experimental mode. In terms of the whole machine product experiment of construction machinery, in the early stage of our construction, we referred to the model of Aberdeen Proving Ground in Britain and the model of Construction Machinery Institute in Japan. At the beginning, our start was very high, which was established according to the international standard. In terms of the reliability of the whole machine and the means of performance experiment, we have reached the international standard. The construction of our parts laboratory is relatively slow, but in the "12th Five Year Plan", parts laboratory has become a key investment project. It will take three to five years to connect with the world. Because the development of automobile is earlier than that of engineering machinery, in the inspection of automobile field, our whole machine experiment and some parts experiment, I think we are in line with international standards. Especially for standardized vehicles, the standards of Chinese vehicles are basically equivalent to those of Europe, and our experimental means are also in line with international standards. In particular, some components, such as engine, safety belt, door lock, glass and light experiment, are established in accordance with international unified standards

: you have been engaged in the quality inspection of construction machinery products for a long time. Looking back at the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, what level do you think the technology and quality of China's construction machinery products have developed? What are the problems

Li Jianyou: construction machinery products and automobile products are industries with relatively fast development speed, especially automobile, as China's pillar industry, has been highly concerned by the society and the government. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, we are also a large manufacturing country of construction machinery products. Compared with these two industries, I feel that the development and progress of construction machinery is far more than that of the automotive industry. In the development process of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the construction machinery industry has developed rapidly with the efforts of industry enterprises and the support of the government, including the media and associations, and a large number of such third-party service institutions. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the product quality, technology and reliability of our construction machinery have developed rapidly, which may be doubled compared with the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period. In particular, there has been significant progress in quality and appearance modeling, so it has been recognized by users, enterprises and the same industry all over the world. The second is the export volume of our products, which has been greatly improved during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". During the "Tenth Five Year Plan", our domestic buyers mostly rely on imports for high-end large specifications. However, there is still a certain gap between us and developed countries in terms of refined manufacturing technology, product reliability and fretting. On the one hand, these gaps are mainly reflected in the basic parts. On the other hand, the automotive industry is still relatively backward, and the construction machinery is close to the automobile in some aspects. However, our biggest advantage is the manufacturing capacity of the main engine plant. Through the improvement of the "Eleventh Five year plan", fundamental changes have taken place. Our leading enterprise, the main engine plant, I think its manufacturing capacity, In some aspects, it has surpassed the manufacturing capacity of counterparts in developed countries

: in recent years, China's main engine manufacturers have begun to march towards large tonnage cranes. XCMG, Zoomlion and sany have all released cranes with more than 3000 tons. What do you think of the large tonnage crane market and what do you think is the significance of pursuing large tonnage

Li Jianyou: speaking of the significance of large tonnage mobile cranes, I think its main purpose and significance is to prove the manufacturing capacity and technical level of China. I believe that the market share of large tonnage cranes in China and the world is relatively limited. The space used by large tonnage cranes is mainly to achieve large span and relative lifting height in major construction sites and special major projects, rather than to complete its relative lifting work. Most of the large tonnage cranes are mainly used in special construction sites. Their work efficiency and frequency and the operation rate of their products are not very high, but they can solve the role of national development of major construction projects. I don't think this output will be very large, because its main significance is to lead the improvement of our industry and drive the improvement of other serialized products. As for the tonnage of cranes that can be produced, I think it is based on the national conditions, economic development and national policies, because its purpose is basically in major construction sites. If our country does not have these large projects, other basic projects can be achieved with small and medium tonnage cranes, without the need for large tonnage equipment, and everything is identified, It can complete large operation requirements, but all aspects of maintenance and transportation will bring great costs. In this way, we try to use them to complete projects that can be completed with small and medium tonnage. We still need to study and use them according to the existing national conditions, and we don't necessarily have to pursue the development of large tonnage equipment

: this year is the first year of the 12th Five Year Plan. Please talk about the future development plan of the quality inspection center

Li Jianyou: the development of the quality inspection center is accompanied by the development of the construction machinery industry, which determines the development plan and long-term goals. We are full of confidence in the development prospect of the construction machinery industry. After all, China is still a developing country today, and the gap between urban and rural areas is still large. It is a long and arduous task to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas. The quality inspection center is also confident to do its own work well. We have formulated our own development strategy and development planning objectives in recent years. We are conducting extensive exchanges and cooperation with them in accordance with the model of international laboratories. First, we have cooperated with Italian Certification Laboratories to establish a joint venture, and carried out CE and E-MARK certification, which has achieved good results; At the same time, we have registered in Europe through Italy, and our laboratory is a mutually recognized testing institution; In addition, we want to build an international regional platform. On March 31 this year, the first flight of Boeing B787 (1) 0 aircraft was successfully constructed

in order to improve work efficiency in China, we plan to set up several branches in China to serve our vast number of construction machinery manufacturers. In terms of international platform construction, in addition to the cooperation of foreign laboratories, we also need to cooperate with their testing institutions in the next step. We plan to set up branches abroad to carry out international business. Around such goal planning, we have formulated detailed plans from the aspects of laboratory capacity-building, management, including the allocation of our human resources, In terms of our own laboratory construction, we plan to invest 30million yuan in three years to improve our facility construction. At the same time, we

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