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Excellent quality and high cost performance: baomeng launched a new ex series camera

baomeng's new ex series camera has the basic functions necessary for industrial cameras that meet industry standards, and is an ideal choice for various typical machine vision applications. They adopt a solid metal shell and integrate the latest generation of CMOS sensors, which can provide a reliable guarantee for the long-term stability of visual application design. This series of cameras has the same shape characteristics, with a resolution from VGA to 2million pixels, a frame rate of 217 FPS, and provides Gigabit Ethernet interface and USB 3.0 interface, which can meet various requirements in resolution and bandwidth

the camera adopts a 29 x 29 mm square shell with M3 interface on each side, so it is easy to install and cost-effective. Even if the sensors, electromechanical, drivers, electrical components of the universal tensile testing machine are installed, it is confirmed that adding long carbon fiber reinforced materials can improve the stiffness and strength to a higher value than long glass fiber can achieve. It still has high flexibility in a narrow space. With the efficient heat dissipation design, this series of cameras can withstand the shell temperature up to 65 C, which can meet the higher temperature requirements. In addition, the cost-effective CS mount lens further reduces the system cost, and the optical adapter ensures the compatibility of C-mount

the ex camera with USB 3.0 interface can achieve a single cable solution, plug and play, and easy integration. Compatible with GigE vision and usb3 vision standards, the camera can be easily installed into existing devices while ensuring high flexibility

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