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Scientific research and development of functional and specialized injection molding machines

functional and specialized injection molding machines represent the technical level of today's injection molding machines. The functional and specialized type II samples of foreign enterprises and joint ventures are rectangular strip samples with equal cross-section. The development pace and technical level of injection molding machines are significantly higher than those of domestic independent enterprises, and the gap is widening. The technological progress of functional and specialized injection molding machines has led the scientific and technological progress of ordinary injection molding machines and the development of the national economy. The technical level of functional and specialized injection molding machines represents the technical level of injection molding machines in a country and enterprise. At present, domestic independent enterprises are basically displaying some conventional products in various exhibitions. Although there are some functional and specialized injection molding machines on display, because they are behind others, the technical level is obviously backward, especially the molding speed is obviously inefficient, which is also the main reason why they can't occupy the market

the idea of adjusting product structure

the fundamental idea of adjusting product structure is to develop functional and specialized injection molding machines. We should be determined to innovate and invent independently, establish confidence, make a firm determination, and establish the fundamental concept of developing functional and specialized injection molding machines as the adjustment of product structure. Every year, the value of imported injection molding machines is greater than that of exported injection molding machines. The vast majority of imported injection molding machines are functional and specialized injection molding machines. If we do not pay close attention to the research and development of functional and specialized injection molding machines, domestic injection molding machines will become more and more marginalized and worthless, and the technical level of injection molding machines with developed countries will become greater and greater. Only by developing functional and specialized injection molding machines can we promote the technological progress of general injection molding machines. We must not position ourselves in the middle and low-end market, only fighting a price war in the domestic plastic machine industry, but should participate in the competition in the international plastic machine performance market. In recent years, Hong Kong funded and Taiwan funded enterprises have increased the research and development of functional and specialized injection molding machines, such as Lijin, fuqiangxin and other companies. New products continue to be produced and good economic benefits have been achieved. Since 2001, fuqiangxin company has established a project office and a planning team to develop special injection machines and special systems for medical products. The main energy of most domestic independent enterprises is only on the small modification of ordinary injection molding machines, such as changing the shape of the template, changing the technical parameters, and modifying the outer packaging. It is launched as a new series, but its added value has not been improved at all. It is still hovering in the low-level and low-price market, with increased output and stagnant economic benefits

structural characteristics of the mechanism

the performance characteristics of the functional and specialized injection molding machine are multi-functional and specific. There are many structural forms of injection molding machines, each of which has its own molding characteristics, especially its different functionalization and specialization. According to the structural characteristics of various injection molding machines, develop functional and specialized mechanism structures according to the needs of molded products. Most domestic independent enterprises develop injection molding machines, often developing injection molding machines as "universal" injection molding, and developing some injection molding machines with unique institutional structure in the direction of "universal" injection molding machines, resulting in a dead end. For example, when developing large-scale second board machines, without understanding the real molding advantages of second board machines, they developed second board machines as ordinary injection molding equipment. Some units even ambitious to build thousands of second board machines every year to replace elbow bar machines, but the result was not achieved. For manufacturing enterprises, the second board machine is to save materials and reduce costs. For users, as an ordinary injection molding machine, the molding performance, especially the molding speed, must not be lower than that of the elbow bar machine, which is not acceptable because of the material saving of its own equipment. For example, the mold opening and closing time of the second trigger is longer than that of the toggle machine, and the molding speed is lower than that of the toggle machine. As an ordinary injection molding equipment, it is difficult to be accepted by users. The performance advantage of the hydraulic clamping mechanism of the second board machine is impossible for the elbow bar clamping mechanism. Only by giving full play to its unique performance, developing in the direction of functionalization and specialization, developing special software, and solving the molding of injection molded products in specific fields for the market, can its vitality be volatilized. Some enterprises have been manufacturing second board machines for more than ten years, but so far they have not formed. Ningbo Institute of materials has successfully developed eight series of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant paint fields, including graphene (graphene) - based coastal oil storage tank heavy-duty anti-corrosion paint, electrostatic conductive anti-corrosion paint, electric tower anti-corrosion paint, photovoltaic tower anti-corrosion paint, sea water-resistant anti-corrosion paint and aerospace national defense special paint. We should learn a lesson. Another example is the research and development of precision injection molding machines. Precision injection molding machines are specialized equipment, and there are many varieties according to the types and quality requirements of molded products. There is no universal precision injection molding machine, only specialized precision injection molding machines, such as light guide plate precision injection molding machine, DVD precision injection molding machine and so on. Some units developed precision injection molding machines as general-purpose machines in an attempt to achieve precision molding for all precision plastic products. From the beginning, they went to a dead end and achieved nothing for several years

research and development of special equipment for injection molding

specialized injection molding machine is the equipment for molding specific products. Injection molding machine is only a link in specialized injection molding equipment. Only when the molded products meet the quality indicators of products can they be called specialization. To research and develop specialized injection molding machines, we must first understand and study the material properties, quality indicators, molding characteristics of specific products, and what kind of mechanism structure, control software, peripheral equipment, testing equipment, etc. should be applied in order to meet the requirements. Take DVD-9 disc injection molded parts as an example. The molding material is PC. The main key to injection molding is that there is no internal stress after the product is molded. Otherwise, although the product can achieve dimensional accuracy and geometric accuracy during molding, due to the existence of internal stress, the original accuracy cannot be maintained after the product is molded, and the quality requirements of the product cannot be met. Therefore, a complete set of injection molding equipment such as special injection molding machine, mold, injection molding process, etc. is developed

high productivity is a sign of performance

equipment should not only meet the requirements of forming and processing, but also achieve high productivity, so as to have a market and development prospect. Without high-efficiency molding ability, nothing else is of practical significance. The low productivity of domestic functional and specialized injection molding equipment is a fatal weakness, and it is also the main factor that cannot compete with international advanced functional and specialized injection molding equipment. For example, pet preform injection molding equipment, the international general preform injection molding the first mock examination 72 cavity production capacity has reached 3456 pieces per hour, the advanced level of domestic pet preform injection molding equipment can only reach the first mock examination 48 cavities, the hourly production capacity can only reach 1440 pieces, less than half of the former, and there is a large gap in the product qualification rate, so we can only fight guerrillas in the market. To achieve high productivity, we need to comprehensively innovate and improve the mechanism, structure, control and many other aspects of the equipment. This innovation process can not be completed overnight, or even take five, ten years or more

molding performance development is the foothold

first of all, whether the performance development of functional and specialized injection molding machines has competitive advantages in the market should be put in the first place. Products with no performance competitive advantages but price advantages have only a dead end. Take the all electric injection molding machine as an example. Although domestic independent enterprises have developed it for many years, most of them are only samples, while the all electric injection molding machines made by Japanese enterprises in China are selling well and occupy the Chinese market. The reasons for this are worth pondering. Japan's all electric injection molding machine is almost the same year after year in previous exhibitions. It continues to make technological progress to meet the requirements of product molding, expand market share with high added value, and at the same time, it has also achieved rich returns. In the development process of the domestically developed all electric injection molding machine (to be exact, the imitation all electric injection molding machine), we do not consider how to improve the molding performance and develop new molding fields to achieve high benefits, but use the idea of developing ordinary injection molding machines to consider how to reduce costs, compete with similar all electric injection molding machines in the world, reduce the level of servo motors, and delete high-end special functions. Even if it is manufactured, it has fallen behind the market, As a result, they were neither alike nor industrialized, and were excluded from the market

development of molding process

take in mold modification injection compression molding processing optical elements as an example. In the past, injection compression molding can not be used for auxiliary processing such as in mold modification of the edges of optical parts (i.e. removing the waste edges of plastic parts in the mold), which is not suitable for the production of mobile thin-walled optical parts. Combining injection compression molding with in mold edge removal and other processes, developing into in mold modified injection compression molding processing can further remove the edge formed by the surface area of the mold on the optical part, and further reduce birefringence to improve the optical performance of the product; Since the whole compression process is in a stable pressure state for most of the time, the shrinkage of critical geometry and molten material filling can be balanced. In this way, we can produce a high-quality LCD cover plate that does not change the structure of the original machine and equipment and the thickness of the working state area can be less than 0.2mm


in 2009, nearly 11000 injection molding machines were exported, worth 360million US dollars; 52.74 million sets worth 520million US dollars were imported, and the latter was 44.44% higher than the former. The vast majority of imported injection molding machines are functional and specialized injection molding machines, and the average price of a single machine is less than 1/3 of the latter. This fully shows that paying attention to industries with high development potential and developing high-efficiency functional and specialized injection molding machines are the only way for China's injection molding machine technology to become a powerful country. (end)

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