Scientific design of the finished product size of

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The scientific design of the finished size of corrugated boxes

also has the performance of conditioning the micro space environment inside socks

the main purpose of corrugated boxes is to pack goods, but if there is a size deviation in the boxes, it is tantamount to making a fatal mistake. Many people in the industry will think that the size management and control of cartons is the most basic and simplest, but as users of corrugated cartons, they often don't think so. The size problem directly determines the value of cartons. Customers will accept it only if the size is appropriate

the size is not appropriate, and no matter how well other projects are done, it will not help. But to really manage and control the size of cartons is a very systematic work. Therefore, it is the most economical and scientific management to do simple things right at once

to design the size of corrugated boxes, we must first carry out the design of finding out the industry status of the internal size. Because the internal size is relatively easy to determine, it is determined by the external size of the physical measurement or physical combination and arrangement calculation of the internal goods. The discharge of internal contents should save space as much as possible and reasonably consider the factors of supporting force

from the point of view of mechanics, if there is also a complete set of evaluation system for the inner contents to share a branch support force, the requirements for the compression resistance index of cartons can be appropriately reduced. Therefore, it means the reduction of costs and the acquisition of profits. If the content is a carton, the direction of the strands of the carton should be considered. Here is a brief introduction to the buffer components of the impact tester: because the longitudinal strands have better support than the transverse strands

during the forming process of corrugated box, the corrugated board should be pressed to make the corrugated board bend well. At the same time, the pressing will damage the structure of corrugated board, shrink the inner paper and extend the face paper. Its expansion and contraction is directly related to the thickness of the paperboard and the way of pressing the line. The thicker the paperboard, the greater the expansion value, the wider the pressing line, and the greater the expansion value. However, whether it is a corrugated box formed by two-wire, three wire or five wire pressing method, the protruding part of the bottom line of the pressing wheel will squeeze the compressed part of the corrugated board into the center of the corrugated board. Therefore, the inner dimension of the corrugated box is slightly shorter than the distance between the line and the pressing line when the corrugated box is unfolded. In this way, the shortened part of the size should be added as the correction value, which is closely related to the thickness of corrugated board

in order to protect the contents of the most common cartons, the outer swing covers are usually butt sealed. This requires that the size of the flap of the carton must be calculated accurately, and there must be no gap after docking, nor can the flap be superimposed. In principle, the theoretical value of the manufacturing dimension of the swing cover width should be half of the manufacturing dimension of the box width. However, since the inner and outer swing covers are on the same pressure line, the inner swing cover will have a supporting effect on the outer swing cover after folding, and the outer swing cover will inevitably produce a certain gap at the butt joint. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the correction value of the manufacturing dimension of the outer swing cover width. This correction value is generally half of the thickness of the pressed paperboard, but the expansion and contraction of the paperboard surface and lining caused by different pressing equipment are different, so it is best to determine it through actual measurement

in short, in the structural design of corrugated boxes, it should be determined according to the manufacturing equipment and different production processes used, the corrugated boards composed of different corrugated types used, and the types and properties of the goods inside. Only after mastering all the contents related to the structure and size of the designed corrugated boxes can corrugated boxes that protect and beautify goods be manufactured

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