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Using neuron sensor, scientists plan to research the performance of the original material in 2015, and also have a qualitative galloping to produce an artificial brain

recently, Professor Henry makaran of the Polytechnic Institute of Lausanne, Switzerland, has made a model that simulates a part of the brain of young rats through hard work. It includes 10000 computer chips, each of which simulates the behavior pattern of a neuron cell, and the dendrite synapses connecting neurons are simulated by complex circuits. Based on this experimental result, Swiss scientists put forward an ambitious plan: to create a "human brain" in 2015, which we have also achieved

in order to develop a model of a part of the brain of young rats, researchers at the Lausanne Institute of technology have knocked open the heads of thousands of experimental rats using x-rays in the past few years. They cut the brains of these mice into extremely thin pieces and kept them alive at the same time. Researchers attach neuron sensors to individual neurons on the slice to monitor the signals sent and transmitted by neurons, and intercept the response of surrounding neuron cells to the signals

makaran recently proposed his more ambitious "blue brain" plan: first do experiments with rodents in 2008, try to assemble a brain model of cats after 2011, and then maybe simulate the brain of macaques. Finally, we hope to create a "human brain" model in 2015

professor makaran's basic idea is: since we want to explore the principle of human brain activity, we can start with simulating the brain: using computers to "duplicate all the activities of the human brain in well-known colleges and universities in China, Tianjin University System", as well as various reactions occurring inside it. Once the human brain is finally "copied", diseases such as Parkinson's disease, which have problems in brain information transmission, can get treatment "inspiration" from it

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