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Langsheng's three business departments (scp/ipg/rch) will participate in the 2010 rubber and plastic exhibition

Langsheng, the world's leading special chemicals group, will again participate in the 2010 China International Rubber and plastic exhibition held at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai, China from April 19 to 22, to exhibit Langsheng's high-quality and high reliability solutions. Taking the largest plastics and rubber trade conference in Asia as a platform, Langsheng will fully demonstrate its advanced technology and professional skills for improving transportation, urbanization and daily life of residents

the continuous expansion of China's domestic demand and the improvement of the purchasing power of the middle-income class are supporting China's economic take-off. As more and more residents gradually choose cars as a means of transportation, and a large number of residents move from rural areas to modern housing in cities, transportation and urbanization have also become a powerful driving force for China's economic development

Dr. he deman, chairman of the management board of LANXESS group, said: "LANXESS has 100 years of experience and technical heritage. Our top quality and high reliability chemical customers have special products, such as container wood floor testing products, which will bring strong competitive advantages to Chinese customers and make them comfortable in the increasingly fierce market."

LANXESS group's three business departments will participate in this rubber and plastic Exhibition: semi crystalline products department (SCP), inorganic pigments Department (IPG) and Rhine chemical (RCH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of LANXESS

in order to meet the growing demand for light fuel-efficient materials in the automotive industry, the semi crystalline products department will display innovative solutions specifically for such applications at the government level. One of the highlights is its innovative plastic/metal composites and metal replacement solutions, which can be used to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Through this research, sports functions can be implemented to rebuild the vehicle weight, thereby reducing the total energy consumption and carbon emissions of the vehicle. The exhibits of semi crystalline products department also include halogen-free flame-retardant plastics Durethan polyamide and pocan polyester, which have excellent flame-retardant properties, excellent electrical properties and high fluidity

the inorganic pigment business department will display a highly reliable inorganic pigment product line, mainly for the field of plastic coloring, including the industry-leading high-performance bayferrox, colortherm and chromium oxide green product lines. The above Langsheng products have the advantages of easy dispersion, reproduction of inflection point of port coal price, high thermal stability, strong weather resistance, excellent light and color fastness, and are the best choice for coloring schemes of environmental friendly plastics. Inorganic pigments from bayferrox and colortherm product lines can also be used in the construction industry to beautify building cement parts and house tiles

Rheinland chemical will mainly display its stabaxol product series - Polymer high-performance hydrolysis protection products. Using stabaxol can extend the service life of the stable polymer by three times. The longer service life of polymers means that customers can replace expensive high-quality plastics such as PPS or pen with cheaper polymers in various applications, thereby reducing the total cost

LANXESS has about 1000 employees in five production bases in Greater China, and its total sales in China in 2009 was about 584million euros. "Despite the sluggish economic environment, langshanda China still achieved double-digit growth in 2009. This rate even exceeded the average growth rate of Chinese industry." Mr. Ke Maoting, CEO of langshanda China, commented, "we will hold an industry event for Chinese customers in June. At that time, Langsheng will display its high-quality rubber products as the world's leading synthetic rubber manufacturer."


LANXESS is a leading supplier of special chemicals in the world, with a total sales volume of 5.06 billion euros in 2009. It has about 14300 employees worldwide and 43 production bases in 23 countries. Langsheng's core business includes the development, production and sales of plastics, rubber, chemical intermediates and special chemicals

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